Deso – Her mood Deso – Her mood Deso – Her mood

Deso – Her mood

Deso – Her mood

SFr. 160.00

Deso (Broken Fingaz) – Her mood

Edition of 80 multiples.

Four colors screenprinted on a 30/40 cm Conqueror Connoisseur 300g paper, ( 100% cotton, acid free ). All multiples are signed and numbered by Deso and embossed with the Colormakerz logotype.

Produced in 2019

About the print:
“Her Mood”  is a screenprint reproduction of one of Deso’s gouache paintings on paper, as a part of a series called ‘The Flea Market’, shown at Madrid’s Drawing Room Art Fair in 2018. This series of paintings was inspired by the local flea market, located right by the artist’s studio in downtown Haifa.

About the artist:
Deso is a gentleman immigrant and a quarter of Israel’s art collective Broken Fingaz. From a soviet upbringing to a war zone in the middle east, the odds have been stacked against him, but he always keeps a smile and his passion for psychedelia, girls and a traditional approach to illustration. Broken Fingaz are best known for their obscure and vibrant murals around the world, mixing psychedelic pop art with Middle Eastern themes and modern symbolism. 

Portrait photograph credit : Deso